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Saranaserver.com penyedia dedicated server, perusahaan terpercaya sejak 1999

Terms of Service Server

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Information about the service, network and payment.


General Conditions of Service Server.

  1. There is no minimum contract month for the service server and at least 3 days notice to quit from our service.
  2. All models Servers Rackmount Servers, We do not use traditional Branded and Desktop computers.
  3. Traffic in and out of the server no restrictions :
    • Bandwith local / IIX ( Indonesia )
      • Connection with the ISP server via Ethernet 1 Gbps.
      • Access speed between ISPs depending on the policy of each ISP.
    • Match B / W International Type 1 / General..
      • Upload Brust 100 Mbps,
      • Download Burst 100 Mbps .
      • Burst is Bandwidth if unused.
  4. All activities client to the server via the Internet, visit to IDC only if there is a problem with the software. see privacy .
  5. If there is stock, server ready within +/- 1 (one) hour depending on the speed of your payment, if you should call the phone status or Email marketing when the availability of the server.
  6. All actions done in Server Client server owners, if we are doing all the risks borne by the owner of the server.
  7. Discussion as long as you use a server problem must pass Panel member account.
  8. If there is a problem and must be reinstalled we will do it for you for free, reinstall the default and default and restore done outside the CUSTOMER.
  9. Default reinstallation takes time and request 24 hours before the install.
  10. Time maximum payment due date server, if there is a delay of maximum three (3) days after the due date.
  11. When the due date, the Server will be in the "Deactivate" and 3 (three) days after the due date will Servers We DELETE and transferred to another CUSTOMERS.
  12. The server remains the property of saranaserver.com, customers only rent by a certain time.
  13. If the server in Cancel or not extended, the server deactivated and deleted one days after the request.

Conditions of Use

  1. Server placement services are only provided to registered CUSTOMER or other users who have been given the authority by the CUSTOMER is concerned, and the CUSTOMER must complete server with system security , thus CUSTOMER willing to be responsible for the confidentiality of all passwords each including all activities (including but not limited to the receipt, transmission, and dissemination of information or files of any kind) in the name of the username and / or IP address in question and the CUSTOMER is not allowed to buy and sell on the facility.
  2. CUSTOMER entitled to facilities owned SaranaServer.com servers in the server room IDC ISP to connect directly into the path bandwidth Internet, direct connection to the backbone of the Internet for 24 hours every day, dedicated IP addresses , electricity, air conditioning, Network Point (RJ45 termination) ,. And enjoy the benefits and advantages obtained through the Internet services are provided in accordance with the type of service, except at certain times which have been notified in advance and in case of events as described in Section 5.
  3. The termination of an agreement or a service program between CUSTOMER and other Third Party shall not automatically decide between CUSTOMER SaranaServer.com Agreement.
  4. Request Reserve IP Addrres beginning of the second month, Saranaserver.com will register to the ISP and the ISP name corresponding reserve, it is served on request and only 1 (one) IP as the base server for outgoing mail.

Fees and Payments

  1. Hire Dedicated Server service activation on SaranaServer.com will be done after complete CUSTOMERS Online Form and pay the cost of the subscription in accordance with the selected service type. And thus the CUSTOMER is responsible for all information provided to SaranaServer.com.
  2. If no setup fee / service activation server is only charged for one (1) time during the subscription period.
  3. If the server is not available as a setup fee initial payment orders server.
  4. Setup fees are non-refundable if reservation canceled before or after the server is set up.
  5. The subscription fee charged each month during the subscription period commencing from the date of server setup and must be paid before the expiration date of the server.
  6. If the CUSTOMER neglect their obligations after the passage of a predetermined time, then SaranaServer.com entitled to disconnect service until day 5 after Expired.
  7. Special customer CPanel 3 days prior to the expiration expired, if passed will be expired license and take at least 24 hours to be active again.
  8. If the CUSTOMER still neglect their obligations 5 days after expiration predetermined, then SaranaServer.com entitled to perform DELETE Server on the day to 7 (seven) after Expired.
  9. After the expiry of SaranaServer.com not responsible if a period of five (5) calendar days after the expiration Server.
  10. Payment of fees imposed on Internet service is conducted through bank transfer addressed to Main Pajar Prosperous .CV at Bank Central Asia (BCA), or by paying cash at the office SaranaServer.com. All taxes imposed on total costs charged to the CUSTOMER Internet service, including if there are other levies imposed outside Internet service fees.
  11. Any payment made ??shall be reported to the send proof of payment to the Main Pajar Sejahtera, which accounts registered CUSTOMER, by facsimile or e-mail to the Division of Finance to provide information, except for a certain payment method specified by the Main Pajar Welfare.
  12. Any changes to the data and facilities conducted at the request of the CUSTOMER must be done online to Main Pajar Welfare. Changes in the data and this facility will be charged an administrative fee in accordance with applicable regulations.
  13. Therefore, the provisions regarding the type or other forms of levies beyond the cost of the Internet and the details of changes to data and facilities administration fee constantly evolve with changing government regulations, then it is contained in a separate ketetentuan which can be viewed on the website SaranaServer.com .
  14. CUSTOMER can ask Means Server.com to terminate its service by sending a statement through Online Post Message in each account and must be received no later than 30 (thirty) calendar days prior to the last month subscription.
  15. CUSTOMER shall settle all outstanding liabilities, although CUSTOMER declares unsubscribe or Internet service has been terminated as a result of a breach SaranaServer.com Subscription Terms and Use of Internet Services.

Services, Rights and Responsibilities Saranaserver.com

  1. Responsible for the provision of services to CUSTOMER server according to the type of services and facilities which further can be seen on the website SaranaServer.com, and or the attachment of these Terms and Conditions, where the attachment is an integral and inseparable.
  2. For services provided SaranaServer.com Server to CUSTOMER, then SaranaServer.com entitled to a payment charged to the CUSTOMER according to the type of the selected server CUSTOMERS.
  3. SaranaServer.com responsible to keep confidential all information data as registered by CUSTOMER, except for the benefit of the Indonesian National Police investigation or other circumstances which have been governed by the applicable laws of the jurisdiction of Indonesia.
  4. SaranaServer.com reserve the right to perform scheduled maintenance or action / other activities as may be necessary to improve the quality of service as well as for internal security. Scheduled maintenance will be notified via the website saranaServer.com and ISP websites and e-mail default CUSTOMER later than 7 (seven ) calendar days prior to the date of implementation.
  5. SaranaServer.com reserves the right to make improvements Router or Server Hardware support outside of scheduled maintenance if necessary without advance notice to the client.
  6. For now SaranaServer.com perform hardware repair requests, reinstall the server in the hours 9:30 to 17:00.
  7. For replacement of hardware between 4-48 Hours, If it exceeds 48 hours then after the next 24 hours to get Refund Client server 1 day rental fee.
  8. If within 10 days s / d 30 day repair Hardware Client does not get it waived payment for 1 month.
  9. SaranaServer.com and The ISP has the right to disconnect for a while in a state of emergency and urgent that can harm SaranaServer.com or CUSTOMER, and we inform it on the website SaranaServer.com
  10. SaranaServer.com eligible to apply changes in the types of services or facilities. This change will be charged an administrative fee in accordance with the changes being applied CUSTOMERS.

Prohibitions and sanctions For Customers

  1. In order to maintain the comfort and security of the Internet, the CUSTOMER is forbidden to perform actions that could harm any party, including but not limited to :
    1. Disrupt or destroy a network or computer system of any party.
    2. Spamming, or sending e-mails continuously with no other responsible.
    3. Hacking , or actions destroy a network or computer that then aim to make profits by way of unlawful (leading into a cracker ).
    4. Fooding , or send an e-mail very much, resulting in over quota and the server can not respond, where these actions can result in losses of an e-mail to other critical.
    5. Soofing , or abusing the address e-mail or IP address by others, resulting in protests from the owner of the e-mail the other,
    6. HOAX , or send an e-mail that contains tricks, scare, promising the impossible.
    7. Forgery e-mail headers or other methods used for the purpose of falsifying identity CUSTOMER.
    8. IRC port usage is not allowed, to another port that is not normal you can ask to support saranaserver.com.
    9. Infringement of intellectual property rights.
    10. Actions that violate the norms of decency, pornography, gambling, threats, slanderous, hateful, violating the code of ethics of law, terrorism, disturbing the comfort of other users on the server, the action against the rules, or laws applicable in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia and International using an Internet service.
    11. Other crimes.
  2. CUSTOMER obliged to comply with all the rules / laws that apply to each server, usenet / newsgroup , or Network or any computer system that is accessed by using the Internet service provided SaranaServer.com.
  3. If at a later SaranaServer.com received a complaint from a third party can prove that the CUSTOMER has done a disservice parties concerned, it is entitled to notify SaranaServer.com CUSTOMER identity to the Indonesian National Police in accordance with the legal provisions in force in the territory of Indonesia.
  4. SaranaServer.com reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Internet service in the state:
    1. CUSTOMER negligence in paying the costs imposed on Internet service according to a predetermined payment procedures,
    2. CUSTOMER violation of the prohibitions of use of Internet services that are set in this provision,
    3. CUSTOMER declares to unsubscribe.
  5. Suspension and termination of Internet services, not waive CUSTOMER to settle all outstanding obligations.

Restrictions Responsibility

  1. CUSTOMER understands and is willing to bear all the risks and damages of any kind incurred as a result, directly or indirectly, the use or the inability Internet service provided SaranaServer.com.
  2. SaranaServer.com and The ISP is not responsible for the quality of the Internet connection is provided in connection with telecommunications facilities, computers and equipment necessary to use the Internet service, or interference with the Internet backbone , and other events beyond control.
  3. SaranaServer.com not responsible for any connection failures caused by infrastructure that connects to the server SaranaServer.com CUSTOMERS.
  4. SaranaServer.com not responsible for the loss, or failure in the provision of Internet services, in connection with events that occurred beyond the capability SaranaServer.com and Party ISP as the Internet service provider, natural disasters, fire, sabotage, war, riot , changes in circumstances caused by regulations or laws applicable in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia.
  5. SaranaServer.com not responsible for the data in server due to software bugs, hardware and other damage or ignorance Hacker / Cracker penetrate your server.
  6. In any event SaranaServer.com not responsible for damages of any kind suffered by the CUSTOMER or any other third parties, including but not limited to lost opportunities for profit, loss of information, which is caused by things that have been described in paragraph 2, 3 , 4 and 5 above when using an Internet service or due to execution of scheduled maintenance or not.
  7. Lawsuits due to violation of article "Prohibition and Penalties For Customers" is the responsibility of the tenant server and frees SaranaServer.com of lawsuits.
  8. Destruction of data or not the arrival of email / data from / to the server is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER.

Pieces and Waivers

  1. CUSTOMER is entitled to a rebate of 1% (one percent) of the cost of the subscription in the event of down time in connection backbone ISP. These pieces are accumulated for every 24 hours in a row and is given only on the cost of the subscription in the event of downtime . This piece does not apply to the events referred to in Article "Restrictions Responsibility".
  2. CUSTOMER exempt from subscription fees in the event of down time in connection backbone ISPs for 14 (fourteen) days in a row. The fee waiver applies only to the cost of the subscription time of down time, and does not apply to the events referred to in Article Limitations of liability.


  1. SaranaServer.com not responsible for the refund to the CUSTOMER for the excess funds received SaranaServer.com due to improper payments made by the CUSTOMER. Excess funds will be calculated on the bill next month or can be transferred to other SaranaServer.com CUSTOMER. In the event that payment errors totaled enough material, it can be resolved on the basis of agreement of both parties.
  2. Except by due to the above reasons, all the funds that have been paid by the CUSTOMER can not be taken back.

Law and Disputes

  1. The content and implementation of the provisions of this subscription is subject to the laws and regulations applicable in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. CUSTOMER is responsible for the accuracy of the information given to SaranaServer.com as the online form or the other form, and any consequences arising from the non-compliance of laws and regulations that apply and the provisions SaranaServer.com, the responsibility of the CUSTOMER.
  3. This provision is made in Indonesian and as a reference of disputes.
  4. Any dispute arising between the CUSTOMER and SaranaServer.com be resolved by consensus between the two parties without the involvement of any third parties who have no direct interest.
  5. If the CUSTOMER and SaranaServer.com can not resolve the dispute amicably, the CUSTOMER and SaranaServer.com agreed to settle disputes through an Arbitration Institute according to applicable regulations in Indonesia.


CUSTOMER have read, understood, and committed themselves to this rule during registration Dedicated Servers or Colocation.

Changing content

SaranaServer.com reserves the right to change part or the whole content of the provisions of this subscription. Likewise, customers are entitled to disagree on these changes to resign as a customer.


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