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Saranaserver.com penyedia dedicated server, perusahaan terpercaya sejak 1999

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Frequently Asked Questions visitors.

Is it true saranaserver.com use branded Supermicro rackmount server ...?
True we only use Supermicro rackmount servers, do not use a desktop computer or a rackmount.
Is it true costs are paid every month with no contract of 3 months or 1 year ...?
Payment of all servers every month without a contract and stopped with 30 days notice .
Usually the server is in the USA or in Telkom indonesia or ISP in Cyber building, why pick on Cyber 2 ...?
We chose Cyber 2 after Our recheck to Indosat, ISPs in cyber building and Telkom, the best we think Cyber 2 besides other big companies believed also tested when PLN dead.
We will reboot the server, Does the manual way ...?
We provide technology to remotely reboot, you can reboot at any time and from anywhere and no extra for this facility.
What other functions of remote reboot the server ...?
In addition to reboot the server remotely, another function can turn off or turn on the server.
Why Server Backup only given Indonesian Local Bandwitdh ...?
In addition to the cost of a lighter and function of line speed required for backup or speed customer access Indonesia .
Are there any other costs beyond the cost of the server and setup ...?
No other costs except the cost of servers.
Payment can be by credit card or Paypal ...?
In addition to inter-bank deposit or cash, we also accept credit card payment through Paypal, or between paypal.
Is your PayPal Status "Verified"...?

Yes Status PayPal Us "Verified" and registered since 2009.

Please check Paypal Our Verified status, in "Check Verified Pay Pal"

Do we have full access to the root / Administrator on the server ...?
Yes, you have full control over the root access and administrator control panel or server.
Is there a firewall to protect from unauthorized access ...?
In addition to the ISP, there we Firewall placed before entering into saranaserver network, so that the firewall protection for all existing servers including your server, the most important thing you need to update your Server Software.
Is our data safe on the server, because the server or ISP environment saranaserver ...?
Rack only be opened if the support team saranaserver come, which is definitely the root or administrator password that only you know, and only you have access to the data   The most important thing the password must consist of numbers or letters sensitive and more than 12 characters.
Do we have a separate DNS on our server ...?
Can use our DNS or if wear Panel, available in server DNS you, stay in the registrar list with our IP and can be communicated to your client ...?
There is a product "No system" means what ...?
For this product the software can be installed on your own or submit to us, it is that the software as desired server owner.
If there is a problem with the server or can not be accessed after the reboot, reinstall if we ask in contact with the cost ...?
We will re-install your system by default and free for this work.
If we were going to restore or repair the system can be saranaserver.com ...?
You can do it yourself or with the help of us, the entire risk on the responsibility of the owner of the server.
Update the system and control panel is provided file and how ....?
Of course for the update provided by the system or the panel that you use.
When we upgraded the License is why it should be given a password control panel .....?
Update licenses require the admin password when you finish you can change.
Are we allowed to ask technical questions or repair ...?
Of course we will serve you and help find a solution to your problem, all the risk on the responsibility of the owner of the server.
Does it cost you ...?
You will get free technical in your members and beyond that we serve you in the member login


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