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Your privacy and Servers

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Information procedures for entry and data security Data Center.

The privacy of your server in the Data Center

Direct access to the computer :

  • The server can only be accessed directly by the owner.
  • Visitors server must submit a copy of ID card to saranaserver.com 1 day prior to the DataCenter.
  • We'll Tell DataCenter to receive visitors based on ID.
  • Visitor access to the server only hired only.
  • Every visitor to the DataCenter must carry the appropriate identity that is sent to us.
  • The whole congenital visitors will check in early examination to enter the building.
  • Only visitors who have been on the list that can be entered into the Data Center.
  • Visitors prepare their own tools, available in the data center monitor, keyboard and mouse, USB CDROM.
  • Should not bring food or drinks into the DataCenter.
  • Password Server only know the owner of the server, saranaserver.com no right / have access to the server.
  • If the password is forgotten just reinstall or owner who has the power.
Privacy Credit Cards and Paypal

Privacy Credit Card and Paypal at Saranaserver.com

  • Paypal and Credit Card/Debit Card data is not recorded on the website saranaserver.com .
  • Access from saranaserver.com to Paypal only order data and fees must be paid.
  • Your credit card data only at Paypal / 2Checkout.com when making payment.
  • Please do not give your Credit Card data to our staff.
  • In addition to the Payment Server to the "Main Pajar Sejahtera CV" is the responsibility of the Owner of the card.
Access to member area Saranaserver.com

To ensure your protection, please do the following:

  • Maintain confidentiality of members and your password, do not shared with anyone else.
  • Never share your password to any member or any other person, even if the person is admitted as an employee SaranaServer.com.
  • Change your password periodically.
  • Do not use passwords that are easy to guess.
  • If you forget the password to enter the menu "Forgot Password".
  • If the email listed in the Member is not active or grab people, Send Copy of ID card and your new email we will cross check with your data, fax notification to the company letterhead stamped through leadership.

SaranaServer.com requires you to provide your email address, SaranaServer.com will use your email address to send you information on transactions you have done through SaranaServer.com.

To ensure your protection, please do the following:

  • Give SaranaServer.com your personal email address.
  • Do not use a false email address.
  • Change your email address immediately, if you change your email address with ACC from the previous email .
  • If you contact SaranaServer.com via email please send your password.

SaranaServer.com not sell, exchange or disclose all information relating to clients or visitors, SaranaServer.com not track visitors SaranaServer.com long as you log in and use a cookie that will terminate at the time you logout.

Due to the large variation in the internet browser, it is difficult to follow the safety of each browser, Today SaranaServer.com only provide a more appropriate means of access using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 or later.

SaranaServer.com may change this policy at any time to keep adjusting to the situation and the latest technology. You can always review the latest SaranaServer.com policy in http://www.saranaserver.com/index.php?action=privacy or you can request it by sending an email to support@SaranaServer.com

To access your account using https://my.SaranaServer.com address.

To ensure your protection, please note the following:

  • Email communication should use the message form on the User Login https://my.saranaserver.com
  • Because using SSL note SSL Issued to: my.saranaserver.com
  • When answering Email us also use the message in User Login.
  • Messages in Log member you recorded on our servers and it became archives for you and Us.
  • Do not answer emails password or username without passing member login.


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