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Saranaserver.com penyedia dedicated server, perusahaan terpercaya sejak 1999

Facilities and services Server

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Information about services, network we provide.


  • Our Commitment:
    • We provide one computer in the form of a Dedicated Server Not Virtual Server.
    • Dedicated Server ( Computer ) can only access by the Root / Administrator / Owner.
    • We do not have access to the entire Server Client.
    • Access can only be if given by the owner server for a particular problem.
    • Fill Server and the responsibility is on the owner of the server
    • No Contracts, Leases quite 1/2/3 months, extended or not is up to you.
    • No Hidden Fees.

We use Dedicated Server not Virtual

  • Free Install and Re Install :

Free setup, install, reinstall

    • Setup Software on demand when the direct registration is available by default.
    • If there is a problem and you need Install go back, we will do free with schedules that are customized.
    • All the computers we use " Rackmount Server Supermicro " instead of " Computer Desktop " or just " Rackmount chassis models " like other server providers.
    • You pay rent Desktop computers, computer servers branded wear.

Saranaserver.com menggunakan Server berkualitas tinggi Supermicro
Supermicro Server berkualitas tinggi

    • Using the latest Intel chips to manage the processor or hard disk.
    • Server The most stable, heat-resistant Power accompanied by high efficiency performance.
    • Hard Disk using the SATA II / III and Memory with high performance.

    • If there is damage to the hardware server, we fix it quickly, because of stock spart parts 
    • Stock spart parts we provide include the motherboard, power supply, memory, hard drive
    • Old repairs 1-12 hours, depending on the damage done

Dedicated Servers

    • Every server we provide 1 Gbps Port (Ethernet 2) for local communication between computers.
    • If you have 2 servers in our use of local communication at a speed of 1 Gbps.
    • Local communication for backup, database access between servers etc.

Port Server conection  to Internet or local

    • How hard it wants to reboot the server if the new first telephone contact should be reset, reset the server could be going wrong.
    • Maybe we were the first in Indonesia use "Remote reboot" is the hardware, without human intraksi and you can reboot at any time through the website.
    • If the server is not the response of SSH or RDP, you simply login and click on reboot.
    • If you have a backup server, after the backup will be turned off, Just choose Off and turn off the server.
    • Facilities reboot your server in the member https://my.saranaserver.com

Fasilitas remote reboot untuk server Anda di sanaserver.com

Fasilitas remote reboot


    • If we want to check open ports on the server that is required is Checks Multi Port.
    • Can check almost 100 Port.
    • Easy to use just enter the start port and end port check.
    • Only to the active server.

    Check multi port server
    Fasilitas free trial server

    • We put the server in the data center .

Data Center CBN.NET.ID

    • Data Center: Nex Data Center ( Full ) & Cyber 3D (Neutral Enterprise Datacenter),
    • HVAC and fire suppression systems.
    • 4 Generator produces 2 megawatts of electricity with 15,850 gallons of diesel.
    • Camera video surveillance, key card entrance, and lockable cabinets.

Data Center Next Data center


    • Network
      • All servers are connected to Switch 1 Gbps with Cat 6 cable.
      • If you have 2 servers in saranaserve.com, 2 Port Network to connect to your server.
      • Your server communicate via the Local Switch 1 Gbps.

Cannect to GbpsUnlimited traffic monthy

      • Local Path for backup / network between the servers we provide 1 Gbps Local
      • High Line and Line Clear apart so better path.
    • Bandwidth local Share Unmetered :
      • Path between server 1 Gbps and Inter Access ISP dependent each ISP via Open IIX / IIX.
      • You can directly access testing:: Speed Test.
    • Paths to International Redundant via the FO.
    • Share unmetered international bandwdith:
      • B/W Internasional .
        • Share Upload Brust 100 MBps,
        • Share Download Burst 100 Mbps .
        • Burst is otherwise unused bandwidth.
        • The default for each server.
    • The need for security access to the server is very important, we use firewall to help to block port used virus and implement policy for ssh, portscan, dos attack, ping excess and ports are often used by viruses.
    • System Firewall will block for ssh brute forcers, portscanner, viruses port, port RDP etc.
  • TRAFFIC AND BANDWIDTH statistics: :
    • traffic statistics can be seen every 5 minutes Local, International.

statistic grafh server


  • *AUTO PORT CHECKS BY EMAIL & SMS, ( SMS only for the Indonesian region ).

Auto check port server

logo auto check port server

    • How much time you check the server every hour of every day, How do during the holidays.
    • Now the "Service Port" Server you can monitor whether Off or ON, If OFF (off) there will be a notification is sent to your E-Mail and Mobile GSM.
    • Checking Service Port every 15 minutes, every 96 days you are in check the X server.
    • The waiter is free of charge, to be in akifkan once you've got the server.
    • So you can simply check the server if necessary, because there is sound if the Service Port Server beep.beep die.

    • Installing and reinstalling the default server if there is problem free.
    • We will look for solutions to problems or issues the update server for your use.
    • Every complaint through Panel members are listed in the database is more observed in the solution.
Diskont Setup, Register and Renew

Enjoying Price Setup, Diskont and renew registration:

  • Diskont 3 % for payment of 3 months 6 % for 6-month payment.
  • Simply pay every month no payment of contractual obligations.

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