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Dedicated supermicro server
Dedicate Server Supermicro
Quality Supermicro server with greener power, Single Core / Xeon Dual Core / Xeon Core Quard, Hard Disk SSD with DDR Memory.
Rackmount dedicated server Supermicro, Not the Virtual
 free setup server in saranaserver.com
Additional IP Address, Hard Disk SSD or Memory up to 24 GB
Dedicated Servers
Upgrade HardDisk SSD or Memory just added 4.4 US$
Our Customers
Thank you
Have trusted us
No contract all server
Diskont 10% Dedicated Server
Fasilitas remote reboot untuk server Anda di saranaserver.com
free setup server in saranaserver.com
Fasilitas yang disediakan saranaserver.com
Facility Server
Fasilitas Speedtest untuk check jalur dari ISP Anda
Test the speed
of your computer
Fasilitas Auto monitoring port server di sanaserver.com
Auto Check Port
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