New Dedicated Server

Select Software that will be installed.

Type Dedicated Server:
Server Supermicro Intel Xeon Quad Core
1-Intel Xeon E5620 (Quad Core, 12M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 5.86 GT/s QPI), Support RAID 0/1/10 Intel ICH10R, Memory 8 GB DDR3 ( Mem Max 24GB ), 1-HardDisk 1 TB SATA (Max 2), B/W Type1, 1 IP
Price : 208 US$ /Month

Choose OS

Linux-x86_64 Centos 6x + Free
Linux-x86_64 Centos 7x + Free
Linux-x86_64 Centos 8x + Free
Linux-i386 Debian 9x + Free
Linux-i386 Debian 10x + Free

Additional Information:
  • Install the server on Linux Centos / Cpanel / Windows and can be accessed client ..! .
  • Centos Linux partition by default, Centos Linux OS 6/7, Cpanel Stable version.
  • For Windows only partition c: unless there is a notice.
  • For Windows 2012 setup Workgoup: unless there is a notice.
  • For SQL 2008/2012 Full install unless there is a notice.
  • Bandwidth see :Information bandwidth


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