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Saranaserver.com penyedia dedicated server, perusahaan terpercaya sejak 1999

New Server Custom

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Custom Servers, For Memory options, single or RAID 1 hard drive and OS system server, any questions contact support@saranaserver.com

Custom Dedicated Servers
Dedicated Server Custom is a Supermicro computer that is prepared to be directly used as a server, but starting from the Mother Board, Memory, Storage in the form of SSD, Install Software that will be used to the root or administrator access settings via SSH or RDP determined by the owner.
no contract & no hidden fees
Additional Information :
  • Install the server on Linux Centos / Cpanel / Windows and can be accessed client ..!
  • Centos Linux partition by default Centos Linux OS 6/7/8, Cpanel Stable version.
  • For Windows only partition c: unless there is a notice.
  • For Windows 2012 setup Workgoup: unless there is a notice.
  • For SQL 2008/2012 Full install unless there is a notice.
  • Bandwidth see :Information bandwidth

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